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Rossett Online no longer publishes anything related to adoption as this has caused discomfort and embarrassment to several families in the past.

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TO Loghead entry date 19/08/2014
i have just read your entry we seem to have a few things in common The Griffin , Annie Williams who lived in the cottages opposite , we used to have to visit her with my gran every Sunday , i never really knew who she was just thought she was a family friend but later i found she was either a cousin or sister to my gran (Maiden name Watkins(Johnson)

nick Davies Registered users may click here to Email this person Rossett 21/07/2017
Don Griffiths again. PHOTO ALBUM, Rossett C ofE School 1920, 1st left arms folded is my dad George Albert Griffiths,known to all as Albert.I have a hard b/w of that from the wrexham leader many years ago with names included. Also the 1932 C of E School with names my mum Joyce Huxley. and best friend for life Nora Jones. ROSSETT MANOR.Last occupants colonel Mainwaring and mrs Townsend Mainwaring .There is a foundation stone laid over rossett church doors saying, laid by mrs Townsend Mainwaring. She had a nephew who came to the manor for his summer holidays. My grandmother who was a tailoress and lived in Ivy cottage 2nd left in chappel lane now altered and called rowan cottage, would be sent for to measure him for sailor suits with ancors enbroided on the shoulders my dad told me, He was the eldest of 7 sons and 3 daughters born 1906, However mrs TOWNSEND Mainwaring's nephew was... PETER TOWNSEND. PRINCESS MARGARET'S gentleman. I have written this epistle in the church visitors book a few years ago along with my parents both being in the church choir and my grandfathr george huxley the verger and myself from 1947 at five years old. I am now 74. Don Griffiths late of 2 vineclad cottages the green rossett.

Donald A Griffitha Registered users may click here to Email this person wrexham uk 29/03/2017
Hello again, A message from Don Griffiths to Glyn Roberts. Hello Glyn must be 50 years, your photo circa 1960 on the bridge over the river ,Alyn Hotel in background of Me, Barry Williams, Brian Martin. ken Johnston , The name of the lad on the end is Kenneth Owen later used to dress all in black, hence the nickname jimmy crow. From croes howell . My email hope to hear from you. Don Griffiths.

DONALD GRIFFITHS Registered users may click here to Email this person GWERSYLLT WREHAM WALES 17/03/2017
I was born 17 10 42 at 7 waverly crescent Rosett,moved to 2 vine cad cottages the green in 1945,and lastly to 26 cromar crescent in 1960. I was registered member 20 or so year ago but have lost my details. hello to Glyn Roberts we were friends as kids and teens on push bikes. and to all that grew up and went to school with me. Incidentaley both my parents were born in Rossett. Just to let you know that at 74 i'm still about and fit fishing the alyn and Llyn Brenig. DAILY 2MILE +walks with jack russel keeps me fit. bye foe now: Don

DONALD GRIFFITHS Registered users may click here to Email this person gwersyllt wrexham uk 16/03/2017
Hi, does anyone have information on a place or house called Allen that is labelled on a 1614 map of Cheshire? (I can send links to in response as it won't let me attach it to this message?) It's situated on the Allen (Alyn) flu roughly southeast of Pulford. I can't find anything on modern maps except possibly the village of Trevalyn? Sad This was the nearest town history page I could find. I'm just curious as it's my surname and my family came from this part of wales/Cheshire Smile Many thanks in advance. Matty Grin

Matty Allen Registered users may click here to Email this person Birkenhead 25/01/2017
Hi I live in Cam-YrAlyn Buron rossett Ian

Name Withheld Registered users may click here to Email this person Rossett Wrexham 22/01/2016
A route through Darland Woods - which has been used by adults, children, dogs and the occasional pony for very many years - has had signs recently installed by the new owner of the land telling the public that access is no longer permitted. If you wish to support the formal application that residents are preparing, for the route to become a Public Right of Way, please email me for details about how you can help - Many thanks. Cynthia

Cynthia Crossley Registered users may click here to Email this person Wrexham 04/10/2015
I am researching my family and hoping for any information regarding Sydney Evans b.1870 in Rossett. Her grandfather was Edward Evans b.1786 and lived at Cox Lane. He was involved with the Christian teachings with the Davies family. I would be grateful for any information. Kind regards.

Name Withheld Registered users may click here to Email this person Liverpool 06/06/2015
I would like to offer my services as a dog walker, free to anyone in Rossett whose dog needs daily walks as my dogs now can no longer walk very far and I am missing the exercise. I am a very experienced dog owner and have two border collies of my own. I work from home in Rossett and can offer this early mornings and early evenings . Please contact me I would emphasise that my preference would be for a dog whose owner is genuinely unable to walk the dog concerned..

Name Withheld Registered users may click here to Email this person Rossett 04/04/2015
Hello All: I'm seeking any information about Roft Cottage, Burton Rd Rossett - where it stood, when it was built and demolished, who else lived there, and ideally a photo. My G-Grandfather Herbert Thorn and family lived In Roft Cottage from shortly after WW I until his wife passed away in 1938 - he then moved to Liverpool. Many years later after she retired, my Grandmother (Herbert's daughter) who lived there until she married in 1927, returned to Rossett and lived on Halkyn Terrace.

Graeme Shone Registered users may click here to Email this person Brampton, Ontario, Canada 07/03/2015
I am researching my family tree, my gt gt gt grandfather was born in Rossett in 1847, Nesta Sidwell (nee clays) maybe able to help me as there could possibly be a connection with her great grandmother. Would anybody know how I could contact her or do so on my behalf. Many thanks

Name Withheld Registered users may click here to Email this person Liverpoll 31/01/2015
I am researching the Davies family and connection with the chapel in cox lane and can yr alyn. Could anyone help with pictures or dates when they were last used or any names associated with this. Also any Davies family information would be appreciated. Many thanks

Name Withheld Registered users may click here to Email this person whitchurch 11/01/2015
Reply to Janet and Sylvia. Looks like your both distant relatives of mine. I have tried emailing you both and private messaging, but not sure if it's worked. Would be great to hear from you and see some of the photos you have. Please try and contact me and hopefully that will work. Alan

Loghead Registered users may click here to Email this person 26/11/2014
I have been researching my grandparents' families, they lived in Rossett during the 19th and 20th C.---the Blythins and the Johnsons. I would like to fill in some of the gaps in my research I live in France and so I have had to rely on internet sites which are excellent I have quite a lot of info which I am willing to share. My great grandparents were Joseph and Annie Johnson né Williams of the Griffin Inn and Arthur and Emily Blythin né Day of Chester

SYLVIA SUTER Registered users may click here to Email this person Melrand France 09/10/2014
Reply for Loghead. It seems we are third cousins, once removed. My Gt Grandfather was William Johnson, brother of Joseph Johnson. I have been researching my Family tree for quite a number of years now. There is a Johnson family tree on that someone else is researching with photos in particular of your branch of the family, Joseph, Annie and their children. It's not you is it? Do you live in Rossett yourself? I've visited a few times and I myself have photos of a number of graves including Joseph and Annie. You can e.mail me if you like. Wink

Janet Marsden Registered users may click here to Email this person 13/09/2014