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Name Withheld ROSSETT 24/06/2008
Webmaster: I've copied the message wording to the Local Issues Forum as well
Isn't it funny but when politicians want to get elected you get unsolicited letters delivered to your door but when real action needs to take place ie to get an injunction to stop the development of the gypsy site / to remove the caravans from agricultural land etc- unfortunately the politicians are nowhere to be seen.

Concerned Resident Rossett 23/06/2008
I think an Injuction / temporary stop notice should have been applied for by the Chief planning officer at the Wrexham council the Tuesday following the traveller's arrival on the bank holiday. Only God knows why this was not done. The Council should have been more agreesive with dealing with the gypsies in particular as it now appears that they have extensive experience on Gypsies. This should have been done at the very least to stop the work albeit temporarily and allow the council more time to plan their next move.
Unfortunately our planning department in Wrexham are reactive more than proactive. It is correct they are currently waiting for an application to be made retrospectively to start the long process to get them out.

Concerned Resident Rossett 23/06/2008
Tonight the travellers have brought in a firm to tidy up the boundaries of the site.

North Wales Tree Service

Garmon View, School Hill, Trefriw, Conwy, North Wales, LL27 0NJ, UK
Phone: 01492 641009

The haulage firm which has been carrying hardcore to the site belongs to local 'Curly' Platt based in Commonwood/Marford area.
Mr Platt has publicly said that he doesn't care about helping the travellers because they pay well.

Another concerned resident Trevalyn 23/06/2008
I think people are very sensible to remain anonymous. In the past locals have been subject to violence, intimidation and threats from travellers over planning issues
Besides, the Holt Rd travellers have Internet so we don't want to give them fuel to light a fire do we?

What action can we expect from a Labour run Council? Very little I suspect. Just like the council down in Crays Hill.
Just read the comments from the locals...

We will see the same 'wishy washy' policies which allowed the illegal camps to remain behind Wrexham Hospital and Bryn Offa School.

I think we should demand that our council stops all work at the site with a court injunction. If these people are going to appeal then they should be made to live on an un-finished site

Secondly, I think a protest group should be set up.

Thirdly, I think the people of Rossett en-masse should refuse to pay their council taxes.

staying anonymous Rossett 23/06/2008
Re Mr Ingram...
sometimes it is adviseable to keep ones mouth shut and let all around you think that you are an idiot rather than to open it and leave everyone in no doubt whatsoever.

tgtgt rossett 23/06/2008
Webmaster: NO flame wars guys - look towards planning applications and your well constructed letters opposing them please
Thank you very much to the individual who answered my request for info on what the council are doing, I'll be having a look and following closely and would suggest others do the same. It would appear we are at the mercy of these 'people' and they know it, we will have to watch and wait until they apply for retrospective planning permission... it's going to be a long expensive ride!! and these people want to be welcomed into Rossett and mix with our precious children!!!

I am truely, truely saddened to hear of the lady who's life has been so devistated by this that she has been hospitalised... My heart goes out to you and your family it really does.

Name Withheld Rossett 23/06/2008
If anybody from Rossett wishes to complain or give ideas to The Rossett Comunity Council please send me an Email.
"Anonymous" or "Name Withheld" will not be answered

Bill Boden Registered users may click here to Email this person Rossett 23/06/2008
Webmaster: Community Council pages contain email addresses for the councillors
Be careful when driving past the travellers site as there are some large stones in the road. I feel concerned that cars travelling at speed along Rossett Rd if these stones are thrown up into the road.

Name Withheld Rossett 22/06/2008
RE: What are the Council doing?

The Council are waiting for interim planning to be submitted by the travellers. The planning application will then go before the planning committee.
You can see that no interim planning application has been made by pasting the following link into your browser, choosing 'Rossett' in the community drop-down menu and then looking for a 'Full permission" application type.

The eagle-eyed among you will notice by browsing the facility that Rossett Residents in the past have been denied permission to build a garden shed etc in their back garden...
Planning permission is likely to be refused and then the travellers will use appeal after appeal before finally taking their case to the Court of European Human Rights.
The travellers taunted the people of Rossett and its surrounding areas with the following Evening Leader article:-

Meanwhile it is upsetting to report that a lady living near the site has been hospitalised due to a nervous breakdown brought on by the arrival of the travellers

Rossett Resident Rossett 22/06/2008
Well... it would appear Bryn Davies has an little army of drinking cronies ready to defend his ''reputation!!!'' but we're not as easy to convince as you obviously are, but keep talking if it makes you feel better and we'll all keep reading and laughing at your misguided loyaty, his actions prove loyalty, respect & consideration are not high on his agenda, how lucky he is to have all of you though!!!

On a far more interesting/practical note, does any one know what exactly Wrexham Council are doing, becuase from where I'm standing not a great deal seems to be happening - it would appear the local children will now be mixing with theirs, whether the parents like it or not!!!am I wrong!!???..

A concerned resident (exercising the 'right' to protect their anonymity and will NOT be made to feel guilty for it!!!)

Name Withheld Rossett 22/06/2008
It is sad to hear comments regarding the local school. It is quite obvious the local children will be affected by this. You can thank all this disruption to the the farmer who sold the plot of land. Clearly he is not affected as he lives in Gresford.

Rossett Resident Rossett 22/06/2008
St Peters School has three travellers children in one class. That is 30 per cent of the class.
The travellers have registered another seven children ready for September. Can someone tell me the existing children's education will not suffer?

Why don't I buy a little plot of land in lovely Rossett or Marford and live in a caravan or a static home? Because it is against planning regulations!
I too have lost faith with Wrexham Council and Rossett Council.

Rossett Resident Rossett 21/06/2008
It would appear that from speaking to some neighbours in Rossett Bryn Davies is not returning calls. Surely if he has nothing to hide he would do so.!!Perhaps Bryn Davies's spokesman could explain to him that if he has nothing to hide he should do so.-at the very least out of courtesy. Clearly the case is that his greediness has obviously clouded his judgement and the previously mentioned covenants were not imposed in consideration of the inflated price he received for the land. I fully agree with the comments made by a Rossett resident in that "Bryn Davies and partner did sell the land to a person in the midlands that can be seen from land registry docs. The purchaser was and is known to have Gypsy connections. He then sold the land according to the face of L R docs to current owners for £20k. A farmer knows the market value of agricultural land at any given time.We must thank Bryn Davies and his partner Kelly for this situation that will costs the tax payer potentially millions of pounds in providing the travellers with the legal aid they will get to fight the refusal of planning.? which was posted on 12th June and also more the comments?Travellers site - rossett. Please let me put the record straight. The land was sold by somone that lives locally and still owns adjoining land for £10000 probably double the value. This is a matter of public record at the land registry. the land prior to sale was the subject of a restrictive covenant which amongst other things prohibited any caravans being on the land. When sold this covenant was not imposed on purchasers maybe in consideration of the inflated price? Very greedy very greedy indeed? posted on 13th June.
Clearly all the residents in Rossett and the public in general will decide.

Concerned Resident Rossett 21/06/2008
in reply to perplexed resident perhaps your case would be helped if you knew the name of the person you were criticising . also your strange reference to money laundering really baffles me unless of course you are suggesting the solicitor who looked after the conveyancing accepted payment in a brown envellope and if this is so i am sure they would be very interested in your comments perhaps if you put your name on your next message they could then answer your accusations

trevor ingram Registered users may click here to Email this person 20/06/2008