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in reply to perplexed resident perhaps your case would be helped if you knew the name of the person you were criticising . also your strange reference to money laundering really baffles me unless of course you are suggesting the solicitor who looked after the conveyancing accepted payment in a brown envellope and if this is so i am sure they would be very interested in your comments perhaps if you put your name on your next message they could then answer your accusations

trevor ingram Registered users may click here to Email this person 20/06/2008
Re: Bryn Davies and pal
It is not called business it is called greed. You forget that if the covenant had been imposed Rossett will not be in this position and the travellers will simply not have moved to rossett. Now we as tax payers have to pick up the bill for the council getting the travellers out.
I agree will the real Bryn Davies and pal please stand up!!

Concerned Resident Rossett 20/06/2008
Re Trevor Ingram. Your defence of Bryn Jones is commendable but should be unecessary.Can we hear from Bryn Jones the man himself? The point made about enquiring about background of a purchaser is ridiculous.I think if someone offered to buy my house at twice its market value i would be a trifle suspicious not to mention the money laundering regs and their application.Will the real Bryn Jones please stand up!

perplexed resident rossett 19/06/2008
It would appear that a little bit of information is a dangerous thing.
Did Bryn & Kelly sell the land to the gypsies - NO.
How can they be held responsible for the actions of the orginal purchaser who decides to sell it on to the gypsies at a considerable profit?
They can sell land to anyone they want -it's called business.
The fact is that they were not to know that the buyer was eventually to sell on to gypsies - how could they know.
This wreckless blame culture that is being created is not helpful in any way.
Perhaps the anonymous commentators might want to channel their energies in getting the council to start enforcing the laws regarding the use of land in a greenbelt / flood plain etc.
In the meantime, stop assassinating the characters of people whom you know nothing about.

Matt Bevan Rossett 19/06/2008
Extensive work has been carried on at the site.
There is now a top-of-the-range static home. The travellers have also begun fencing off individual plots for the other existing caravans. In my estimation there is room for the static caravan and 15 conventional ones.
We are being let down by Wrexham Maelor Council.
In similar cases judges have issued stop notices' on travellers from Day 1 - preventing further work being carried out at the site i.e building, laying a hardcore, erecting fencing etc
So why not our council?
Get writing and phoning! And don't forget to enquire about a reduction in your council rates!
As various volunteers make the village look pretty with flower tubs and hanging baskets for some 'village in bloom competition' it's an insult to the people who have to open their curtains to a disgrace which has shatterred their lives every morning.

Make those phone calls and letters for their sakes alone.

Concerbed Resident Rossett 17/06/2008
As a good friend of Bryn i would ask all of you who have posted annon messages if you ever enquired into the background of the purchaser of any property you have sold? And specifically to the annon person who posted the message about Bryn supposedly avoiding his normal hostelries i am afraid this is total rubbish as he has as usual been frequenting both the Nags and the Griffen regularly . Bryn has nothing to hide or be ashamed over with regard to this and unlike those criticising him is not hiding behind "name witheld"

trevor ingram 17/06/2008
Regarding the travellers camp, it might be worth looking at the Community Forum under Local Issues.

Basically, all that can be done is to object to the Planning Application - on purely planning grounds, and let things take their course.

JonB Rossett 17/06/2008
the covenant was a personal covenant it does not run with the land. You must ask Bryn Davies/Kenneth Hill why they did not ask purchaser to enter covenant only they or their acting solicitors can answer this question.

Name Withheld Gresford 17/06/2008
Does this mean that the covenant does not stay with the land when sold?

Name Withheld Rossett 17/06/2008
There was a covenant a personal covenant which Bryn entered into with the person whom he bought the land from. The travellers use of the land in theory has put bryn in breach of the covenant which he entered and this is probably the case despite him selling part of the land on. The person who could enforce is related to Bryn so unlikely to happen, Probably couldnt enforce against Bryn in any event as Court would not order Bryn to do something which he could not comply with namely the removal of caravans.

Name Withheld rossett 17/06/2008
Was there a covenant on the land prior to it been sold to the travellers? If so, surely there should be some documentation to confirm this. Would it still be valid? I dont really understand these issues so sorry if it seems a stupid question.

Name Withheld Rossett 18/01/2004
A local beef farmer called Bryn
Decided he'd like to cash in
So he sold off some land
To a travellin' band
Now look at the trouble we're in!

Name Withheld Rossett/Gresford 18/01/2004
Re travellers site - Can't wait to see the update on the covenants which Bryn Davies did not impose on the purchasers of his land which is now a travellers site. If the person that is proving the update can provide some information on the enforceability of a covenant then they should do so immediately as this would be the quickest and best method of removing the travellers from the site. The Council planning department have also indicated that they would like an update in this regard.

Name Withheld rossett 15/06/2008
Re Bryn Davies/his travellers site. It is unfortunate that his name is now in the public domain through this site. However he must take some responsability LAND WAS SOLD PRIOR TO AUCTION AT PROBABLY DOUBLE ITS VALUE. the public are the best judge of his integrity

Name Withheld rossett 15/06/2008
May I suggest we stay focused on the issue at hand with reference to the travellers, we are not interested in who, why & when, only constructive ways on how to get rid of these people and information updates. No more details on the lands sale please, we're not interested. We really have to stick together on this, lets NOT let it divide us hey???

Name Withheld Rossett 14/06/2008