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I would like to offer my services as a dog walker, free to anyone in Rossett whose dog needs daily walks as my dogs now can no longer walk very far and I am missing the exercise. I am a very experienced dog owner and have two border collies of my own. I work from home in Rossett and can offer this early mornings and early evenings . Please contact me I would emphasise that my preference would be for a dog whose owner is genuinely unable to walk the dog concerned..

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Hello All: I'm seeking any information about Roft Cottage, Burton Rd Rossett - where it stood, when it was built and demolished, who else lived there, and ideally a photo. My G-Grandfather Herbert Thorn and family lived In Roft Cottage from shortly after WW I until his wife passed away in 1938 - he then moved to Liverpool. Many years later after she retired, my Grandmother (Herbert's daughter) who lived there until she married in 1927, returned to Rossett and lived on Halkyn Terrace.

Graeme Shone Registered users may click here to Email this person Brampton, Ontario, Canada 07/03/2015
I am researching my family tree, my gt gt gt grandfather was born in Rossett in 1847, Nesta Sidwell (nee clays) maybe able to help me as there could possibly be a connection with her great grandmother. Would anybody know how I could contact her or do so on my behalf. Many thanks

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I am researching the Davies family and connection with the chapel in cox lane and can yr alyn. Could anyone help with pictures or dates when they were last used or any names associated with this. Also any Davies family information would be appreciated. Many thanks

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Reply to Janet and Sylvia. Looks like your both distant relatives of mine. I have tried emailing you both and private messaging, but not sure if it's worked. Would be great to hear from you and see some of the photos you have. Please try and contact me and hopefully that will work. Alan

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I have been researching my grandparents' families, they lived in Rossett during the 19th and 20th C.---the Blythins and the Johnsons. I would like to fill in some of the gaps in my research I live in France and so I have had to rely on internet sites which are excellent I have quite a lot of info which I am willing to share. My great grandparents were Joseph and Annie Johnson né Williams of the Griffin Inn and Arthur and Emily Blythin né Day of Chester

SYLVIA SUTER Registered users may click here to Email this person Melrand France 09/10/2014
Reply for Loghead. It seems we are third cousins, once removed. My Gt Grandfather was William Johnson, brother of Joseph Johnson. I have been researching my Family tree for quite a number of years now. There is a Johnson family tree on that someone else is researching with photos in particular of your branch of the family, Joseph, Annie and their children. It's not you is it? Do you live in Rossett yourself? I've visited a few times and I myself have photos of a number of graves including Joseph and Annie. You can e.mail me if you like. Wink

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Hello everyone. Before my Grandad died, he managed to do a family tree. He was born in the Griffin inn with his twin sister in 1925. His farther was Alfred Morris Johnson and grandparents were Joseph Johnson and Annie (Williams). Two of his uncles died in WW1 and are on the war memorial. I know aunty Dot, my grandads sister still lives in Rossett. I was just wondering if anyone had any photos from this time. I have some, but would like some more. Thank you. Alan

Loghead 19/08/2014
Are there any Wycherleys still living in Rossett or Lavister? My great grandfather ,Andrew Wycherley and his brother , John were stonemasons there in the 1870s and my grandmothers grew up there I know two sons were killed in WW1 But I would like to know whether I have any distant relations in the area
Avril Hooson

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There is a chapel (now closed) in Allington/Trefalyn with the date 1836 on its wall, and the text “Mine house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations.” Wrexham museum tell me it was Congregational, also called Independent (the word used for that denomination at that period).

The 1851 religious census lists a Primitive Methodist chapel in Allington, built in 1833.

I am preparing a lecture for the Wesley Historical Society on the first generation of Primitive Methodism in north Wales, and it would help if I could discover some history of that chapel, in case there is confusion over the dates, and the two are the same building, and if it changed hands, and was Primitive Methodist at mid-century (i.e. 1851).

Hitherto I have drawn a blank in searching for information. Can you help, please?

David Young Registered users may click here to Email this person Wrexham 29/04/2014
I wonder if anyone has any info/photos of Meadow House, Allington. I am researching the Huxley family (amongst others). Job Huxley is my gt/gt/gfather and according to the 1861 census was born in Meadow House.
Any info greatly appreciated Grin

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David Roberts has put some amazing photo's on this site and mentioned his grandfather John Price and uncle's Jack and Douglas. I am currently researching my family tree and we could be connected through Thomas Aldersey Price born 1824 and lived in Gun Street Rossett. Would anybody know who or how I could contact David. Regards Trisha Davis

Trisha Davis Registered users may click here to Email this person 03/02/2014
Webmaster: I've passed David's email address to Trisha - with his consent of course! Smile
Hi I have just found your website and wonder if anyone can help me,I have just started my family tree.My mother was born in 1908 in Rossett her name was freda walley.In the 1911 census she lived with my grandmother charlotte Walley and my great grandfather who was Robert Walley He was the blacksmith and they lived at Rossett Smithy.On the 1911 census they also had a boarder Joseph Gelshon aged 15yrs.Before this in 1901census my great grandfather and family lived at 71 rossett green they also had a boarder Arthur Huxley aged 17yrs. If anyone has photos or information of the smithy and my family please contact me . Many thanks

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We were talking with some freinds recently about the village pram race held earlier this year. Our friend who was a member of the winning team for the pram race said SHE was pleased no men had entered the race as it ptoved the superiority of the female contestant?

We wonder where all the fit men were for this event if we have any????:

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Web Site: none
I visited the church yesterday morning with my 86 year old Dad. We saw that on your war memorial and inside below the World War 1 stained glass window, you had the name of William Hughes. He lived with his family at Yew Tree Farm on the road to Llay. His parents were John and Margaret Hughes. He was my Dad's great uncle who died in 1916 in France, a second lieutenant in the Royal Welsh Fusiliers. His name is commemorated on the Menim Gate, in Ypres, Belgium as his body was never found.
I wondered if the Parish records might show who organised the stained glass window and grave of the unknown soldier in the graveyard. My Dad, David Wain, said his grandmother, Margaret Hughes was devastated by the loss of William and never really got over it, so I feel she might have been involved in the window and grave.
I would love to hear from you if you could put me in touch with someone who may have Parish records. Thank you.

Sarah Swallow Registered users may click here to Email this person 12/10/2013