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great website... i wondered if anyone had heard anytihing from mr and mrs dutton, I used to live on Station Rd.many years ago, now living in Barmouth and wondered how they were doing??

eve Registered users may click here to Email this person Barmouth 18/02/2002
I would like to form a mixed choir or even a ladies choir for the villages in our local area.
At the moment I am still in the very early stages ie. adverts in the Wrexham Leader and posters in and around Llay and Gresford. This is really just to gauge how much interest there would be.
Many other villages around Wrexham have their own choirs, surely there must be people in our villages who would like to do the same yet haven't been given the opportunity to do so. I would be more than willing to take this on board. Why should people who enjoy singing have to travel miles and miles to sing with a choir, when they have the facilities on their doorstep

Karen Harris Registered users may click here to Email this person 16/02/2002
I am trying to find out if any organisation is planning to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee in the village this year?

David Weir Registered users may click here to Email this person Rossett 08/02/2002
I would like to endorse all that my friend Joe Shallcross has to say in his letter to the people of Rossett about the Burton & Rossett Horticultural Show and Gymkhana. I was Show Sec. with the Society for 13 years. My parents and my children were involved in the Show. I would appeal to the present committee - please don't hold the show in a hall - you would be destroying the whole meaning of the Show. I realise that perhaps most of you have not been involved in the running of the Show for long but the tradition of the Show with a Gymkhana,Dog Show and Trade Stands should be preserved. Please don't kill the Show - put out appeals to the local community for help. I now live in a village on the edge of Southport and we have a very similar Show on the 'Village Green'. Twelve months ago there was some difficulty with helpers and a lack of committee members. An appeal was made to the local people and the show is back on track. I hope the Committee will act on Joe's idea of a leaflet distribution through the village and restore the show to its proper place in the life of the village.

E Dianeme dolben Southport 06/02/2002
I am trying to contact Gill (maiden name Creed), her parents, I believe live in Rossett, used to live in Oxford. I would like to get in touch again with Gill.

Liz Askew Registered users may click here to Email this person Telford 01/02/2002
Great site. Easy to navigate. Good ideas for members of the community to find out a little more about where they live and support local businesses.

Mary Badley Loughborough 31/01/2002
Anybody remember me - the village postman (1980-1984) - please get in touch. Your main picture - Rossett Mill - I worked on this mill from 1976 to 1978. Nice to see my handiwork on the web.

Malcolm Hughes Glasgow,Scotland 26/01/2002
Great Site! Keep up the good work.

Allison Zeisloft (Fitzpatrick) Registered users may click here to Email this person Washington DC 25/01/2002
Loved the site,It brought back lots of happy memories

Janet Moulton Registered users may click here to Email this person Colwyn Bay.Wales 22/01/2002
Love the website, well done anyone involved. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me or my brother Terry. We lived in the Crescent 1930's 40's 50's

Phyllis Evans nee Miller Registered users may click here to Email this person Wrexham 11/01/2002
Is there anybody in Rossett willing to start a "Duplicate Bridge" club? I know a few people who are interested but we require a director.
If anyone in Rossett is willing to start a photographic club I feel sure we would have interested parties?
Thank You for reading this.I look forward to some replies.

"BAT" Registered users may click here to Email this person 09/01/2002
Wonderful site. I was just looking, as my Rogers branch of the family used to live there 1880s, William Rogers, builder of Rossett, Gresford and Wrexham. Built the Gresford Methodist Church, and numrous terraces in Wrexham. Great-grandmother, Margaret Anne Rogers, nee Jones, is buried somewhere in your churchyard, but I expect the grave is rather overgrown these days and probably can't be found - passed on 16 Nov 1870, buried 17th. I have many pics of Rossett, including the Mill where my grandfather, Frederick Andrew Price used to mill. His father was Frederick Price of Gresford Mill. Lovely to "talk" to you all the way from Australia. Good luck with your site

Graham Price Registered users may click here to Email this person Elwood, Vic. 384, Australia 08/01/2002
I am interested in your Rosset because my great-grandfather (George Morton)lived and died there (buried in churchyard). I will be visiting Rosset shortly to photograph the grave of George Morton with his great-great-great-grandsons of 4 & 1 yrs old.

Harry James Morton Registered users may click here to Email this person Liverpool, England 08/01/2002
To the people of Rossett
I see from the "Whats on Page" that the Rossett show has been downgraded to little more than card show. It used to be the "Rossett Show and Gymkhana".
Last year it was understandable that the show was downgraded due to the foot and mouth outbreak, but it seems to me that the show is now too much trouble to get a decent committee to organise it, and before anyone thinks I have no idea what I am talking about, I served on the committee for more than twenty years as member, secretary and chairman.
We went through a similar tough time as this back in the mid eighties,but thanks to the efforts of the remaining members, we were able, with help from the local radio and press to increase the strength of the membership, even people with no connection with the Society, i.e Mr B Austin, of Harwoods Lane wrote and produced a leaflet which he distributed throughout the village.
With a lot of hard work we were able to rekindle the interest of the community in the show.
I used to judge the vegetable entries for the few final years of the Hope village show, but a few years ago they decided not to hold the show, JUST THIS ONE YEAR, it has never been held since!.
The Rossett show is one of the oldest village shows in the county, I have in my possession, copies of the minutes dating back to 1876.
Is Rossett now a dormitory village where people just come to sleep, and thats all, or is there anyone who is prepared to rattle the cages of this current committee, maybe they are doing they're best, but I am sorry I think they can do better, and the first thing they can do is to get the annual show back on track, if there is any problem with the use of the field off Messrs Rogers or Jones, then do what we did when the bypass cut the old showfield in half, find a different venue, otherwise it is the beginning of the end of the show.

Joe Shallcross Lavister 30/12/2001
Dear Webmaster
what a beaut site ! I attended the old Rossett C of E School and then the new school in Chapel Lane and I lived on the Green, I am forwarding the photo of the class taken in my last year, May be there are a group of people scattered over the world who Know some of the students. John Grithiths Is on it and he has a contact Em address on your site but it is floored or printed incorrectly,he is in Victoria Aus, I am In Sth Australia. I have tried to conntact him.
Keep up the good work I'll be watching.
all the best for 2002

Nesta (nee Clays) & Miche Sidwell Registered users may click here to Email this person Adelaide Sth Australia 29/12/2001