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Real beaut to see the shots of the old place we knew through the war years an up to the early 60's. will be back again to see what you are up to.have heaps of pics of Rossett but they are slides manly around 1950's we where married in Christ Church -July 1957

Nesta (nee Clays) & Miche Sidwell Registered users may click here to Email this person Adelaide Sth Australia 25/12/2001

JOHN DUTTON Registered users may click here to Email this person 23/12/2001
I went to darland school, I left in '85 I was vanessa west. any old school chums still about?

Vanessa Robinson (nee West) Registered users may click here to Email this person Lincolnshire 19/12/2001
Being fairly new to the area (2 years)I'm still exploring and finding out about the place. I was here during the recent floods and (rather recklessly) ventured on to the little footbridge over the Alyn. I took a picture of my Daughter standing on the footbridge and returned the next morning to find the bridge washed away (gulp). I must have taken the last ever photo of it! I will dig the pic out and send it in for publishing!

Jon Fitness Registered users may click here to Email this person Rossett/Llay 09/12/2001
I haven't looked at the Rossett Website for ages, but saw it mentioned in the new edition of Crossfire - so thought I'd have another look! Just to say I think it's excellent - really very good indeed. Thank you. We live in a part of Darland Hall - you don't have any information about the Hall do you??

Name Withheld Rossett 30/11/2001
Nice layout, and good to see something local on the web, would be nice to see reviews of the local pubs, as i have many friends who are interested. Rossett history good.

Name Withheld Rossett 27/11/2001
I have been told that Rossett is a lovely community in which to raise a young family, and as we are searching for a new home in the Chester/Wrexham area, I searched and found your web site which was very informative and very interesting. I would be grateful for any advice, local information, thoughts about education etc, that would help us find the right place to raise our 2 young boys (currently 1 and 2 and a half). my family are originally from the Chester area, and I have uncles, aunties and cousins from Wrexham to Chester, and surrounding areas. Our house is currently on the market and we would like to move as soon as possible, if only we could be sure as to where to!!!

Lisa Eicke Registered users may click here to Email this person Warwickshire 24/11/2001
I've been under the weather with the flu and couldn't sleep during the night and I've been up since about 2 a. m. so I passed the time on the computer. I'm just thrilled at finding this (your) site and all its contents. What were the chances of finding photographs of snow but they were there also. I love pictures of winter scenes I haven't been for a visit for over maybe 12 years (it's a long walk!(..)) I love that place.(Rossett) My mother spent her childhood there. She lived in Town Ditch which is by the "Golly". Last time I was there the house she had lived in was occupied by a doctor who worked in Liverpool. He seemed unsociable but so would I be if I had to commute that far. Across the lane from the house was a farm and we visited with them and they knew my mothers family. The farmers name was Davis I think. My mothers maiden name was Mohring. She came from a large family. I don't know the reason they lived in Townditch because my grandfather wasn't a farmer? My mother attended the one room school house which has since been converted to a residence. She would walk to Gresford church for services on Sunday. Anyone care to guess how far that would be if she took shortcuts through the fields? Someone asked about if the station still exists? We use to have our Christmas fowl shipped to us from Townditch and from the Rossett Station to us in Liverpool. My mother was born in 1905 so some of you can figure if there is anyone around from that era. I hope the Davis's are still around because they are a strong connection with the past and are really nice people. I was born in Liverpool in 1938 and visited my mothers old haunts many times in the 40's and 50's. We would walk from the bus stop in Rossett out to Townditch. Would that be about 5 miles? When you are 5 years old its a long way. Oh, for those simpler times of the 40's. Anybody out there in Rossett still have a coal fire? If so I'll be right over(..) Well this has been a long "rap" but should be of interest for those who like me love Rossett. From far away Las Vegas goodbye and I look forward to your responses.
Regards to you all.

John James Registered users may click here to Email this person Las Vegas, USA 21/11/2001
Hello, my name is Adrian Monti and I am a freelance feature writer who works for the women's weekly magazine WOMAN.
I am putting together an article which I wondered if you might be able to help with or point me in the right direction. It would be great if you could help via what I imagine are your excellent local knowledge and contacts.
The feature is about families who have lived in the same house for 100 years ( or a year or so less won't really matter!). The idea being the great grandchildren or children say who live in the same house that their parents or great grandparents moved into 100 years or more ago. Therefore, at least one member of the family has lived in the house for a century (i.e it hasn't passed outside the family in that time).
It's one of those features where if you either know of the right person it would be great, but it's a bit tricky if no one immediately springs to mind.
Whoever takes part gets PAID for their time and trouble and of course gets their story in the magazine in their own words and is photographed for it too.
It should be fun as well as interesting. Please feel free to circulate my details to anyone who you think can help.
I am on 01273 777693 and work from home, or can be emailed on
All the best

Adrian Monti Registered users may click here to Email this person 16/11/2001
I have enjoyed visiting this site. It is very informative and I have added it to my favourites. A good way of finding out what is going on in the village.

Sara Williams Rossett 07/11/2001
Hi,I`m the Son-in-Law of Mr.Mrs E. Jones of `The Shanty` Gun Street. I read your notice about the Site and will over the next few weeks go and have a good look - at the moment i`m revamping my Web-Site of Thornbury - i now have the Local Museum requesting me to include about a 1000 old photographs to my site. I wish well with your new site. Reagards. Eric

Eric R. Dodd Registered users may click here to Email this person Thornbury - South Gloucestershire 03/11/2001
Web Site:
Lovely informative web site congratulations. I will be book marking this and will visit regularly.

Paul Buxton Registered users may click here to Email this person Wrexham 24/10/2001
Web Site:
Dear Sir,
I wonder if you can help me. I'm tracing back my family tree and I find that my great-great-grandfather was Station Master at Rossett around 1869. His name was Noah Frost. I wonder whether anything of the old station remains in Rossett, and if so whether you have a picture of it. I'd be very interested to see it if you have.
I have a picture of Noah and his family, if that is of any interest to you.
By the way, I was impressed with your site - Rossett looks like a nice place. I may make the journey up from Suffolk next year!
yours sincerely

Adrian Frost Registered users may click here to Email this person Suffolk 23/10/2001
I lived in Gresford and went to Darland school from 1970-1975. I knew many people from Rossett, Christine Mylek,Andrea Roberts, Julie Naylor,Lynne Fairclough to name a few. We had great times there and i would love to hear from anyone who knew me.

Debbie Evans(formerly Towers) Registered users may click here to Email this person ELLESMERE,SHROPSHIRE 22/10/2001
Dear Webmaster, Thank you so much for such a fantastic website!

Catherine Adams, Rossett Playgroup Registered users may click here to Email this person Rossett 17/10/2001
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