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Hi all, My name is Stan. I was born in 1961 (ouch! 40 years old!) and lived at Burton untill my late teens, when I moved to Borras Head. I went to St Peters Primary School and then on to Darland, leaving Darland I think in the year 1976? I left the area in 1988 and have been in Australia ever since. I wonder if anyone knows any of my old school mates - Lawrence Jeffreys, Rachael Salt,Val Jones-now Roberts I beleive(on yer Andy! congratulations both)Mark Asher,Gary, Dale, Sheila Williams,Brian Walker,Jacky Allan, Andrew and Jill Spence. etc etc. If anyone does it would be great if you would give them a nudge for me and if you know me It'll be great to hear from you too. By for now Stan.

Stan Stevenson Registered users may click here to Email this person Rockingham, Western Australia 30/07/2001
I think you need congratulating, on a marvolous website! I really enjoyed browsing through it. I run a taxi firm in Llay, Llay is coverd by Matt Armstrong's LLAY ONLINE this is where I got your link from. Matt does a cracking job, but I hope he exstends to council minutes etc. as you have yourself! Cheers keep up the good work. Pete

Pete Evans Registered users may click here to Email this person LLAY 28/07/2001
Hello to anyone who remembers me,i was born in llay and lived at the top of pentre hill (91 council st.llay),before i emagrated to 1968.I enjoyed your site very much,the photos are first class just as i remember,walking down the road past gresford station to the Alyn Hotel(puCool the owners used to be(Daves family). I wish you great success with your web site,best wishes to all the people from Rossett.

MALCOLM RALPHS Registered users may click here to Email this person Southern California,U.S.A 26/07/2001
All my childhood and youth was spent in Rossett. I was born in 1932 and went to Rossett CofE School (I recall not only Mr.F.G.Witt being the headteacher at Rossett C.of E. primary school, but also Mr. Harry Costain being a principal teacher) before going on to Grove Park Secondary School in Wrexham from 1942 to 1950. I lived at 10 Park View with my parents( Alf and Kate) and my brother John and sister Margaret--both sadly now deceased. Thinking back to those teen-age years, other Rossett names come to mind: Mr Kesper at the Chip shop; Tom Bishop and his little shop; Boscawens; Bellis; Luckings; Heppenstall etc. I also recall happy days playing for Rossett Villa F.C., and playing cricket for Gresford in the McAlpine and Boughton Hall limited over knock-out competitions.I have very fond memories of the village and its people and the longer I sit here the more I recall--so, I plan to revisit my old haunts soon. I wonder if there is anyone left in the area who remembers me? If there are,I would love to hear from them!
Good luck with your expanding website, and a commendation for your enterprise!

Philip Powell Registered users may click here to Email this person Southend-on-Sea, Essex 17/07/2001
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