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re Stuart Whiles

These people are gypsies not itinerants. In fact you might as well call them 'professional gypsies'.
They are people who know and work the system, including planning regulations, collecting benefits whilst operating businesses etc and have solicitors who readily work for them because of the riches to be gained from legal aid during the long process of appeals against eviction which can take years.
Seeing the appeal process concerning the site at Daisy Lane might take up to 8-years I for one shall be contacting the Inland Revenue and Social Security Dept etc to make life uncomfortable for them because the travellers listed occupations like building and fencing, tarmacing, tree-cutting etc as their occupations on their 17-page planning application submitted to Wrexham Council.

It seems from the forum that Wrexham Council have denied permission to the travellers.
It will take a good while before they are eventually evicted but they'll have to leave in the end.

Rossett 1-0 Gypsies

Name Witheld Rossett 29/07/2008
Why do people insist on calling our unwelcome visitors in Rossett Gypsys they are we suspect itinerant tinkers who seem to think they can flaunt our well tried and tested planning rules to thier own advantage????

Well if our planning department and then the welsh office do not waver in following the planning regulations we will sone be waviving goodby to our itinerant visitors??

No resident of Rossett could just decide to set up a caravan park in this rural setting and expect to get away with it when they finally are evicted i will finaly believe in our planning guidlines, if they stay i will hope to develop my own property for gain???

stuart whiles Rossett 27/07/2008
Monday July 21

The site now has a fully covered tarmac surface.
Today more travellers are arriving with caravans and their work equipment.
How can these people use legal aid if they are running businesses? Like 'Mr Lee's Building & Fencing?'

Name Withheld Rossett 21/07/2008

Would anyone like to speak at the Planning Meeting on the 28th July? I can't make it.

If you can, contact Robert Shepherd.

JonB Registered users may click here to Email this person Rossett 14/07/2008
Rupert Farquhar
Did you say that you had bought a plot on the travellers site?
Your name does not appear on the planning application? WHY?

Name Withheld Rossett 13/07/2008
i think we have herd to much carry on about rupert so he is gone camping

the crumpit kid Registered users may click here to Email this person 06/07/2008
You are now denying that neither you or any of your group approached Mr Peter Higgs and offered him £30,000 cash for his land for "horses"?

sorry we are not denying the fact that we approached peter just the offer of £30,000 he said if he was to sell he would want 30,000

the crumpit kid Registered users may click here to Email this person rossett 06/07/2008
re planning information.

Perhaps R Farquhar is living in the luxury cabin which has been erected at the site - described as a 'utility building'?

Application No: P/2008/0705

Date Received: 20/06/2008

Community Rossett

Application Type: Full Permission

Grid Reference: 338568 : 355964

Case Officer Initials: JS


Decision: PENDING

Name Witheld Rossett 06/07/2008
It was interesting to read all the details of the gypsies planning application at Daisy Lane- full details available at the planning department.
This gives you the basis of your objection. All you have to do is follow each of their points with an objection but it has to be on planning grounds which there are plenty! (for those of you which have not seen it is a good idea to do so before the 21 days are up for objecting):-
Interestingly enough, their application quotes plots 1-6 joint application by Mr and Mrs O Lee Jnr, J Lee, J Jones, O Lee Snr, W Winter and J Wells. 6 plots. If Mr R Farquhar has indeed bought a plot then is the information provided to the council not correct? Are they going to be 7 plots / 7 families or should we expect more?
ps. 21 days from 24th June 2008- get your objection letters in ASAP

Concerned Resident Rossett 05/07/2008
Rupert Farquhar.
I don't think we can believe a word that you say.
After talking to one of farmer Bryn Davies friends last week he said that the land was sold via Wright & Manley and eventually to a Mr Rupert Farquhar!
You are now denying that neither you or any of your group approached Mr Peter Higgs and offered him £30,000 cash for his land for "horses"?
You are just coming on here giving a load of spin and trying to divide people with a load of rubbish.
Your little group is just keeping a low profile until the site is completed and the planning application is rejected.
That's how you people normally operate isn't it?

Rossett Resident Rossett 05/07/2008
If you're fed up reading about it then simply don't visit the website!
Perhaps you are one of the Rossett residents who don't put anything into the vilage anyway?
It's only the real locals who use the pubs, church etc
Not the ones who have bought big homes to commute to Chester etc and pushed house prices so high that our kids have to live in Llay.
The only time we see the people from the big houses with electric gates and intercoms outside their homes is at Christmas time.

Name Witheld Registered users may click here to Email this person Rossett 04/07/2008
Webmaster: ...meanwhile - everyone is constructing and submitting well balanced and factual planning objections AREN'T THEY?

The discussions contained within the Traveller thread appear to be becoming unnecessarily confrontational directly between the occupants of the site and local residents. I note on the input form that discussion on adoption no longer is posted. Why not do the same for this subject and apply an appropriate level of moderation as you profess - that no further postings are allowed until there is a determination of the planning application.

There are a lot of incorrect facts. For instance WMBC does not exist - WCBC Wrexham County Borough Council is the correct form. I am sure the author is a Council Tax payer therefore he/she should look diligantly at the top right hand corner of the CT demand !!

Resident, fed up of reading about !

Name withheld Wales 04/07/2008
Webmaster: I do not 'profess' to 'moderate'. I just try to keep it clean (and also hope I don't get solicitors letters accusing the website of publishing libellous statements!)
Farquhar you will never get planning permission.

Name Witheld Rossett 04/07/2008
no sorry you are wrong i did not purchase the land i just bought a plot like all the others on there and as to what we paid that is nothing to do with you as for the land across the road we do not want it i don't know where the 4x4 came from as none of us have a 4x4

rupert Registered users may click here to Email this person 04/07/2008
Mr Farquhar.
Perhaps you could clear something up?
It appears that you bought the land for £10,000 and then sold it on to another individual/individuals for £20,000. Yet, you remain the travellers' spokesperson?
I suspect that you buy the land then sell/lease little plots (2 caravans per plot) to fellow travellers and make a healthy profit?
Shame Mr Higgs didn't sell because you would have made a lot of money wouldn't you?
You don't appear on the electoral register either do you?
Perhaps the Inland Revenue would be interested in you? Especially when you can produce £30,000 in cash, drive a new 4 wheel drive and work via legal aid.....

Name Withheld Rossett 04/07/2008