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Rossett Mill repairs in early 1970's (5 of 6)
5 of 6 contributed by Paul Dennan who writes:
About 30 years ago (when I was just 16 - 17yrs old!!) the mill at Rosset was just starting to be restored. I went with a couple of friends one weekend to take some photos of the mill in its largely unrestored state.

I still have the black and white negatives of the pictures I took on that visit but unfortunately the actual pictures have long disappeared. You may be interested in the pictures I took ? Photography at that time was my principal hobby and I had a very good quality 35mm SLR camera. One picture in particular is very good... a shot of the mill wheel being restored by the workman who we met on the visit. Most of the other pictures were of the inside of the mill prior to it being restored.

If you are interested, I would be content to send you the negatives as long as they were returned to me within a reasonable time-span and I was credited with the photos if you dispalyed them on your web-site.

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