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Rossett Controlled School teachers 1950
Glyn Roberts sent this photo and wrote:

. . . one of the teachers taken outside the Church Hall as you probably spotted. The headmaster (front row) is Mr. F.G. Witt who was the last headmaster at the old school in the village and the first headmaster of the new Rossett Controlled School (now St Peters) when it opened in 1950.

Date: 22/10/2003 21:41
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84 #1 kylieer commented on February 22 2006 16:43:57
back row: Mr. Costin, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Peter Jones, Mr. Parry, ??
front row: ??, Mr. Witt, Miss James
1 #2 steveA commented on February 22 2006 16:48:57
Anyone know the last two?
67 #3 045099256 commented on March 26 2006 23:01:33
On the back row possibly Mrs. Crane ? and on the front row certainly Miss Bellis who can also be seen standing at the back of the 1950 class photo taken at the new school.
1 #4 steveA commented on April 16 2006 12:10:20
According to Janet Lowe (nee Hollis):
Back: Mr Costain, Mr Evans, Mr Taylor, Mr Parry, Mrs Roberts
Front: Miss Bellis, Mr Witt, ?
1 #5 steveA commented on April 16 2006 12:15:20
So Evans or Thomas, Jones or Taylor, Mrs Roberts or Mrs Crane?
88 #6 88 commented on April 25 2006 22:24:51
Back row definitely Harry Costain (Remember his cane?!), Mr.Thomas, Peter Jones - Rest unsure except Mr Witt and front right is Mrs. Roberts.
88 #7 88 commented on April 26 2006 23:03:31
Continuation from yesterday - and how could I forget kind Mr. Parry and believe it or not, I saw him in Asda this morning with his wife, a little frail, but then aren't we all.

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