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The Griffin, Trevalyn
The Griffin, Trevalyn

Date: 06/10/2003 18:04
Added by: steveA
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4 #1 welshman007 commented on January 15 2008 06:12:58
Nice to see my favourite Pub,which I been in many times.I'm the son of the Late Jack Griffiths.
Brings back memeries.
John Griffiths
Now in Melbourne 42 years.
294 #2 steevw commented on February 08 2013 21:45:25
It's good to see the place where my Mum was born too, John. She'll be 97 soon.
911 #3 Loghead commented on April 25 2017 18:20:44
My grandad was born their too. That was his bedroom, top left right by the sign

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