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What's it all about?

Would you like an email address for your club or society that doesn't have to be changed when your committee changes?

If you do then you will be interested in an exclusive Rossett Village Email Address.

If you are running or helping to organise a community club, society, playgroup, PTA or similar, you can have a short, snappy and prestigious email address that reflects both your organisation and where you live.

What's Available

On your new Rossett address, the email domain (everything after the @ sign) will be ROSSETT.NET and you choose your own prefix (everything before the @ sign).

This prefix can be up to 32 characters long and any mixture of letters and numbers. Unfortunately our Internet Service Provider (ISP) does not allow any 'special characters' or spaces.

You can choose what you want - as long as it's not already taken by someone else in Rossett!

Examples could be firstrossettscouts @ or preschoolplaygroup @ or brhs @ or stpeterspta @ or . . . . you get the idea

How does it work?

You must already have an existing "default" email address (such as with Demon, Pipex, Freeserve, AOL etc).

All email sent to your new @ROSSETT.NET Address will be automatically rerouted to your existing default address.

What are the benefits

Your @ROSSETT.NET address will be easy for everyone to remember.

If you have stationery printed - put your @ROSSETT.NET Address on any literature, letterheads etc.

If you subsequently change your default address or ISP, you simply notify us and the server redirection is changed to point to your new default address.

Similarly, if the 'committee' changes, simply let me know the default email address of who is to receive all mail and I will make the change.

This means you don't have to reprint stationery or even tell people of the change - it's all sorted for you!

Your default address will still work in addition to the @ROSSETT.NET Address, so you will never lose any email if people still send to the default one.

. . and the cost?

Its FREE to all community clubs, societies, playgroups etc. - any group doing things for, in and around Rossett.

So what are you waiting for ? Contact Me to apply!


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