Listed Buildings

(Information originally supplied by Wrexham County Borough Council Planning Office dated 18/10/96)
Building NameLocalityGrade
1 and 2 Yew Tree Cottages Burton II
Ball's Hall Burton II
Burton Hall Burton II
Canister Cottage Rossett II
Christ Church (1 comment) Rossett II
Cook's Bridge Allington II
Cooksbridge Farmhouse Allington II
Darland Hall (3 comments) Darland II
Former stable block to NE of Trevalyn Hospital Trevalyn II
Hem House Allington II
Ivy Cottage (formerly known as Ravensbourne Cottage) Burton II
Llyndir Hall Hotel Llyndir II
Lodge Farmhouse Allington II
Lower Honkley Farmhouse Burton II
Meifod Burton II
Mount Alyn Lodge (including gate piers at drive entrance) Burton II
Outbuilding range immediately East of Yew Tree Farm (1 comment) Burton II
Pergola and Gazebo at Darland Hall Darland II
Rossett Hall Hotel Rossett II
Rossett Mill Rossett II*
Rossett War Memorial Rossett II
The Courtyard (formerly known as Trevalyn Hall Service Wing) Trevalyn II
The Stone House Burton II
Trevalyn Farmhouse Darland II
Trevalyn Hall (including former lodge) (4 comments) Trevalyn II*
Trevalyn Hospital (formerly known as Trevalyn House) Trevalyn II
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